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Natura 2000 : Why the Léguer Valley ?

Nothing the value of its natural environment, the European Union adopted in 1992 the habitats directive, aiming at safeguarding biodiversity. The Natura 2000 network concerns all the European sites designated by the directive. In France, the objective is to find a balance between conservation of the natural environment and maintenance of human activities to allow human beings to live on preserved territories. The directive designates the plant and animal species and the special areas of conservation threatened of extinction. They are said to be of community interest. To preserve them, a programme called “objectives document” is established in partnership with all the people and structures concerned by the site.

One part of the basin slopes of the Léguer River (1841 ha) has been chosen to integrate the Natura 2000 network. It includes:

Habitats of community interest such as beech groves, rivers with buttercups, peat woods, moors, wet meadows, coastal habitats…

Mammals of community interest such as the European otter and five species of bats.

The association for the protection and promotion of the Léguer valley has chosen to take responsibility of the Natura 2000 project in order to go on acting for the development of the territory.

Actions planned

The objectives document includes a detailed inventory of the Natura 2000 site and a list of the various actions necessary to preserve habitats and species :

Contracts proposed to the land users (farmers, foresters, collectivities, National Forest Office…) enabling them to maintain their natural patrimony in exchange for some financial help.
Additional studies to better know the species of community interest
Communication actions to train the people who have a direct link with the habitats and the species in their professional activity or in their leisure time.


Where are we ?

The objectives document was ratified by the running committee in April 2006 after a four-year-long period of work, done within thematic commissions : Agriculture, Forestry, Estuary, River.

A commission called “communicating on the education to environment” is responsible for the required tolls to inform, train and make the public aware of the implementation of the Natura 2000 project. 2006 will be the first year for concrete actions..


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